Project 1 – The Body Shop

The Brief

To create new environmentally friendly packaging for four of the body shop products as well as design 3 relevant contact points to market the new look.

The Solution

The packaging is made from byproducts of the production process such as tea tree pulp. The patterns/stencils create a pretty solution to use less paper. Each pattern relates to the different products.

Web banners

Example in situ



Print ads

Environmentally Friendly Shopping Bags

For the contact points I wanted to look into the idea of reusing objects in a new way like the packaging. This led me to the idea of using images of vintage style objects which are being used again today. Hence, the old style telephone, shoes, record and clock. I used this idea in both the print ads and the web banners. The pay off line: See whats old, has ‘new’ crossed out to emphasise the reused theme again. The bags are relevant because they are also reusable.


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