Project 2 – Umthombo


Create a new identity for one of the Umthombo sub brands as well as come up with a few contact points to help create awareness for the brand.


I feel that Umthombo art tries to see potential in every child and help to give them a face or see their humanity. This is what got me thinking of how people seem to over look street children, seeing them as just being objects

In the logo I wanted to show how Umthombo art is a fun, lively brand for children. I wanted to also use the idea of giving something a face, hence the face which was constructed in the logo.

Corporate identity

Street light posters

Pamphlet example: front and back

For the campaign I looked at images of objects which seemed to have a face. I then used these to prove a point. I decided to use pamphlets and street pole ads as on the street is where street children are found and seen.
The pamphlets will explain about Umthombo and about street children and why they do what they do and what it is that can be done to really help.

Credit: Credit goes to Daniele, Digger 2, Marco and Sharkoman from for some of the photography.


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