Project 3 – Typography


To produce a typographic centered execution with a minimum of 1000 words with the theme of fleurons


I decided to do a book based on several different types of flowers. Flowers all have a few different meanings and or codes associated with them which I decided to look more into.

Daisy – double page spread

Lilac – double page spread

Lily – Double page spread

Pansy – Double page spread

Rose – Double page spread

Tulip Double page spread

I looked up the dictionary definition of each flower and researched as well what their connotative meanings were (similar to the language of flowers). I also found poems about each of the flowers which said something unique about them.

I typed each flower’s name in wingdings and then used these letters to form a unique pattern for each flower. Each pattern is assembled in such a way as to resemble the flowers and the patterns in which they may grow. This was the visual representation of the flowers.


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