Project 4 – Vuka!


To create a 30 second public service announcement for an NGO of our choice.


We decided to create a PSA for missing children. The idea was to show the public what it must feel like to have lost your child and so to show the importance of the organisation and its work.

The video starts with close ups of various different kinds of make up being dabbed or opened and then put onto a girls face. The shots are very close up so no background or situation is shown.

The camera then zooms out to reveal that the girl is in a coffin with a mortician putting the make up on her. Text then fades in on black and says, ‘Whats worse than knowing that this is where your child is’ This then fades out and more text fades in which says, ‘Is not knowing’. Then it cuts back to the image of the girl in the coffin with the mortician putting a bunch of daises in her hands.

After that the missing children logo and web address fades in and then fades to black. The song in the background was a simple ballad type song.

Credit: This was a group project so credit also goes to Nokwanda Nzimande, Danielle de Bruyn, Andrea Ferreira, Aalia Rasool, Marisha Naidoo, Taskeen Llama.


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