Project 6 – uShaka


To create an ad campaign for uShaka to create awareness of all their different offerings.


Chameleon and glow worm – Village walk

Deep sea diver – Wet ‘n Wild

Angler fish – Sea World

Ship mast look out to star – Kids world

Snake biting light – Dangerous creatures

We decided to use the theme of discover uShaka for our campaign. We wanted to do something different, fun and clever which would attract the customers eye. We came up with idea to use the street light’s shape and the actual lights to make the ads. Because of the theme of discover uShaka, we used maps in the backgrounds of the posters and we decided to do one poster per subbrand. The different images therefore relate to the different sub-brands, for example Wet ‘n Wild has a diver, Dangerous Creatures has a snake, the Village walk has a chameleon which is eating a glow worm, Sea world has an angler fish and Kids world has a pirate ship mast based on their jungle gym.

Credit: This was a group project so credit also goes to Graham Patterson, Gareth Bargate, Bianca Pleydell-Bouverie, Amy Von Buddenbrock, Carrie Wilson, Lanna Breetzke, Giselde.


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