Project 7 – TAG Awards


To create a public service announcement for a good cause of our choice, less than 60 seconds long


For this PSA our group decided to help the NGO Think Bike. As this is an organisation which wants to help to create more awareness for bikers, we decided to show the idea that often bikers are seen to be invisible or overlooked on the roads.

We started the PSA with a shot of an ambulance arriving at a hospital. The paramedics rush to get the empty gurney out the back of the ambulance. It then cuts to a scene where the paramedics are met by doctors and nurses, all rushing and very concerned and the gurney is still empty. Then there are a few quick cuts between shots of the wheel of the gurney rolling down the corridor, the doctors hand and all the nurses and doctors rushing down the corridor emphasizing speed and action. Then it cuts to the scene when they are all next to an empty hospital bed. There is a close up of the doctor tapping the drip, then it cuts to a shot of the the bed with all the doctors and nurses working. It then cuts to a close up of the doctors face where he shakes his head and turns away. Then the bed shot is shown again with the doctors and nurses all walking away and taking their gloves off. The nurse starts pulling a sheet over the empty bed. Just then it cuts to a close up of the top of the bed where the text fades in which says, ‘We are not invisible.’ Then as it fades away, a person with a badly injured face appears just as the sheet is pulled over by the nurse. The Think Bike logo with the message then appears and fades out.

Credit: This was a group project so credit also goes to Credit: Graham Patterson, Andrea Ferreira,     Marisha Naidoo, Lindsey Branes, Sophia Ioannou.


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