Project 7 – TAG Awards


To create a public service announcement for a good cause of our choice, less than 60 seconds long


For this PSA our group decided to help the NGO Think Bike. As this is an organisation which wants to help to create more awareness for bikers, we decided to show the idea that often bikers are seen to be invisible or overlooked on the roads.

We started the PSA with a shot of an ambulance arriving at a hospital. The paramedics rush to get the empty gurney out the back of the ambulance. It then cuts to a scene where the paramedics are met by doctors and nurses, all rushing and very concerned and the gurney is still empty. Then there are a few quick cuts between shots of the wheel of the gurney rolling down the corridor, the doctors hand and all the nurses and doctors rushing down the corridor emphasizing speed and action. Then it cuts to the scene when they are all next to an empty hospital bed. There is a close up of the doctor tapping the drip, then it cuts to a shot of the the bed with all the doctors and nurses working. It then cuts to a close up of the doctors face where he shakes his head and turns away. Then the bed shot is shown again with the doctors and nurses all walking away and taking their gloves off. The nurse starts pulling a sheet over the empty bed. Just then it cuts to a close up of the top of the bed where the text fades in which says, ‘We are not invisible.’ Then as it fades away, a person with a badly injured face appears just as the sheet is pulled over by the nurse. The Think Bike logo with the message then appears and fades out.

Credit: This was a group project so credit also goes to Credit: Graham Patterson, Andrea Ferreira,     Marisha Naidoo, Lindsey Branes, Sophia Ioannou.


Project 6 – uShaka


To create an ad campaign for uShaka to create awareness of all their different offerings.


Chameleon and glow worm – Village walk

Deep sea diver – Wet ‘n Wild

Angler fish – Sea World

Ship mast look out to star – Kids world

Snake biting light – Dangerous creatures

We decided to use the theme of discover uShaka for our campaign. We wanted to do something different, fun and clever which would attract the customers eye. We came up with idea to use the street light’s shape and the actual lights to make the ads. Because of the theme of discover uShaka, we used maps in the backgrounds of the posters and we decided to do one poster per subbrand. The different images therefore relate to the different sub-brands, for example Wet ‘n Wild has a diver, Dangerous Creatures has a snake, the Village walk has a chameleon which is eating a glow worm, Sea world has an angler fish and Kids world has a pirate ship mast based on their jungle gym.

Credit: This was a group project so credit also goes to Graham Patterson, Gareth Bargate, Bianca Pleydell-Bouverie, Amy Von Buddenbrock, Carrie Wilson, Lanna Breetzke, Giselde.

Project 4 – Vuka!


To create a 30 second public service announcement for an NGO of our choice.


We decided to create a PSA for missing children. The idea was to show the public what it must feel like to have lost your child and so to show the importance of the organisation and its work.

The video starts with close ups of various different kinds of make up being dabbed or opened and then put onto a girls face. The shots are very close up so no background or situation is shown.

The camera then zooms out to reveal that the girl is in a coffin with a mortician putting the make up on her. Text then fades in on black and says, ‘Whats worse than knowing that this is where your child is’ This then fades out and more text fades in which says, ‘Is not knowing’. Then it cuts back to the image of the girl in the coffin with the mortician putting a bunch of daises in her hands.

After that the missing children logo and web address fades in and then fades to black. The song in the background was a simple ballad type song.

Credit: This was a group project so credit also goes to Nokwanda Nzimande, Danielle de Bruyn, Andrea Ferreira, Aalia Rasool, Marisha Naidoo, Taskeen Llama.

Project 3 – Typography


To produce a typographic centered execution with a minimum of 1000 words with the theme of fleurons


I decided to do a book based on several different types of flowers. Flowers all have a few different meanings and or codes associated with them which I decided to look more into.

Daisy – double page spread

Lilac – double page spread

Lily – Double page spread

Pansy – Double page spread

Rose – Double page spread

Tulip Double page spread

I looked up the dictionary definition of each flower and researched as well what their connotative meanings were (similar to the language of flowers). I also found poems about each of the flowers which said something unique about them.

I typed each flower’s name in wingdings and then used these letters to form a unique pattern for each flower. Each pattern is assembled in such a way as to resemble the flowers and the patterns in which they may grow. This was the visual representation of the flowers.

Project 2 – Umthombo


Create a new identity for one of the Umthombo sub brands as well as come up with a few contact points to help create awareness for the brand.


I feel that Umthombo art tries to see potential in every child and help to give them a face or see their humanity. This is what got me thinking of how people seem to over look street children, seeing them as just being objects

In the logo I wanted to show how Umthombo art is a fun, lively brand for children. I wanted to also use the idea of giving something a face, hence the face which was constructed in the logo.

Corporate identity

Street light posters

Pamphlet example: front and back

For the campaign I looked at images of objects which seemed to have a face. I then used these to prove a point. I decided to use pamphlets and street pole ads as on the street is where street children are found and seen.
The pamphlets will explain about Umthombo and about street children and why they do what they do and what it is that can be done to really help.

Credit: Credit goes to Daniele, Digger 2, Marco and Sharkoman from for some of the photography.

Project 5 – Direct mail


To create a direct mail advert for a particular NGO to help create awareness of their work.


Ikaya Covers is an organisation who try to provide roof covers for underprivileged people. I looked into the different possible effects which could result from a leaking roof one of which is the smell.

No one would choose to have their house smell like this and so perhaps if this fact were highlighted people it may encourage people to help others who have this problem. So I decided to execute this by sending people a can of air freshener which is branded as having a wet dog scent.

Project 1 – The Body Shop

The Brief

To create new environmentally friendly packaging for four of the body shop products as well as design 3 relevant contact points to market the new look.

The Solution

The packaging is made from byproducts of the production process such as tea tree pulp. The patterns/stencils create a pretty solution to use less paper. Each pattern relates to the different products.

Web banners

Example in situ



Print ads

Environmentally Friendly Shopping Bags

For the contact points I wanted to look into the idea of reusing objects in a new way like the packaging. This led me to the idea of using images of vintage style objects which are being used again today. Hence, the old style telephone, shoes, record and clock. I used this idea in both the print ads and the web banners. The pay off line: See whats old, has ‘new’ crossed out to emphasise the reused theme again. The bags are relevant because they are also reusable.